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Leasing Options from Sonic Alarm Systems

Tax Free Security Solutions

Leasing eases your cash flow

You cannot afford to cut corners when investing in a new security system for your business, by leasing the system, you can reduce the pressure on your finances, as it replaces a substantial cash investment with a much smaller rental payment.


Leasing is a highly effective cash management tool

By reducing your monthly outgoings, leasing frees finance for other aspects of your business operations that depend on cash, such as salaries and stock purchases.


Leasing is tax free

100% of your lease rental payments can be set against your company's corporation tax liabilities in the same tax year. An outright purchase however is treated as an asset and this means that only a depreciating portion of its value can be written down against tax each year.


Leasing makes security affordable

The ideal security system for your business is instantly more affordable if leased, by replacing a large capital investment with small monthly payments, you can immediately afford the most appropriate security system for your business. Why compromise on security solutions when you don't need to?


Key leasing benefits

- No large investment outlay required to pay for the equipment
- Overhead cost of installation rolled into rental payment
- Fixed cost covering all security purchases including equipment, installation and commisioning
- Existing credit facilities kept intact for other purchases
- Rental payments are 100% tax deductible, reducing your company's tax liability each year

As the business grows or your needs change, equipment can be added to the system on lease. There are several options available including 'upgrade' where the outstanding rentals are taken into a fresh lease agreement along with all the costs for the new equipment. LeaseLine can discuss the best options for you at any time during the life of the lease.


Please speak to a member of Sonic Alarm Systems for further information on leasing a system for your business.

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