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Access Control Systems South Wales | Door Entry Installations

Securing Access to a Fine Detail

Providing a secure and efficient way of protecting access to your building. Access control removes the hassle of ever needing to change a lock again.

Every person with access to your property is provided with a token which grants permissions to access through controlled set of doors.
Tokens can be easily blocked if they are lost or stolen, and new tokens created if additional access is required.

Access Control Systems are designed to control and monitor access points such as doors, gates and barriers so you can control entry to authorised personnel only.
Different types of Access Control Systems include:-


Audio Intercom
Visual Intercom
Coded Keypad
Magnetic Swipe Cards


Access Control

Why Sonic?

Why Sonic Alarms?

With over 35 years in the Security Systems industry Sonic Alarm Systems have provided South Wales with the highest level of security.


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CCTV Systems

Latest Security Systems NewsWe install the latest CCTV technology into your property, our systems are expandable for future requirements and user demands.


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Intruder Alarm Systems

Latest Security Systems NewsIntruder alarm systems help secure your property, with many types of systems available Sonic Alarm Systems will ensure your property is equipped with the correct equipment.


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Leasing Options

Security System Leasing Options

You cannot afford to cut corners when investing in a new security system for your business, by leasing the system you can reduce the pressure on your finances.


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